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The number one challenge facing many leaders today is how to help their teams work more efficiently and collaboratively. The status quo approach to meetings is often unproductive, and this issue is compounded when teams are overwhelmed and geographically dispersed.

To solve this problem, we develop and facilitate team-building sessions that promote collaboration and energize participants. We help teams get inspired and think differently using innovative, world-class facilitation methods.

Our team workshops include:

  • Lego® Serious Play®, a way for our expert facilitators to guide teams through brainstorming and road-mapping their shared future. Each participant builds their own three-dimensional model in response to carefully designed questions, and these models serve as the basis for group dialogue and strategic thinking. Unleash the power of play with your team and meetings will never be the same again. > Learn more
  • High-Performing Teams, a workshop that equips teams with digital tools to help them work together more collaboratively, and share knowledge more efficiently.
  • Experiential Learning Pop-Up Cafe, where employees can choose from a variety of “drop-in” learning sessions. The cafe’s informal learning environment helps people feel free to explore, discuss, and discover, and the 60- to 90-minute sessions enable incremental, sustainable learning and change. > Learn more
  • Team Retreats, tailored to your team and organization. You tell us what your team needs, and we design the curriculum and facilitate the event.
  • Speaking engagements, Maureen Ennis is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and expert in leadership who helps teams and organizations thrive by adopting new mindsets and ways of thinking. > Learn more

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