About Us

Thrive helps build organizations that are capable of breakthrough performance. Leaders come to us with these challenges:

"My employees need new skills for the future of work."

"I need a high-performing team to meet the demands of growth."

"Transforming operations is critical for our competitive advantage."

Great leaders have bold visions for the future and seek us out to help them build engaged, agile teams that achieve amazing results.

The heart of our work is bringing out the best in people. Thrive provides key organizational insights, planning, and facilitation during times of change and inflection. We help clarify direction and strategies, and we make desired changes happen by developing programs, building communication plans, and—most importantly—engaging employees through a broad array of tools that connect teammates and trigger new thinking.

Thrive customers include Fortune 500 executives as well as private business owners with high growth aspirations. We are known for transforming organizations and helping individuals adopt new ways of working.

Our Team

Maureen Ennis

CEO and Principal Consultant

Maureen is a dynamic change leader with significant accomplishments in business transformation. She leverages a unique blend of competencies spanning strategic planning, human resources, technology, and leadership. Working with leaders across different sectors and industries, she uses effective team building strategies to cultivate agile, lean, and collaborative organizations.


Kelly Ellis-Foster

Chief Learning and Innovation Officer

Kelly is an experienced business leader with demonstrated results spanning a variety of Human Resource functions. A strong communication professional specializing in Organizational Development and Learning, Kelly leverages technology and a collaborative approach to develop creative solutions.

Laurie Pellegrino photo

Laurie Pellegrino

Laurie is a certified coach with broad expertise in leadership development, talent programs, change management, facilitation, and diversity and inclusion. With 27 years of experience in global healthcare, Laurie has coached award-winning executives to expand their businesses by developing their skills as executives, people managers, and business and career strategists.


Laura Ali

Laura Ali is a results-driven business owner who knows what it takes to market in today's complex and challenging economy. She’s known for taking organizations to the next level by accelerating profitable growth and success strategies. Laura’s passion lies in driving success and overachievement.

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