The on-demand, agile learning solution that meets managers where they’re at with practical actions to create positive change within their teams and organizations.


1 course


4 modules


6 weeks per module


30 minutes per week

Build a thriving organization focused on growth.

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Manager Academy is...



The Manager Academy digital learning model is designed to adapt to each manager, creating an intuitive learning flow. Course content is created and facilitated by expert coaches and delivered at a realistic pace, with modules that incorporate all learning styles and can be completed at the manager’s convenience.



New concepts come with effective ways to put them into practice — micro-changes that add up over time and help managers change their teams, their organizations, and their lives for the better.



Through collaborative small group sessions, Manager Academy builds a peer community of managers within your organization who can continue to learn from one another after the program.

Our Clients Say

“Manager Academy has helped unleash the leaders in our organization. The managers who have worked with Maureen are not only able to apply what they have learned from her, but they are passing it on to others in our organization and driving meaningful positive change in the way we lead, talk about leadership, and help our people and the organization to thrive.”

“Leveraging Manager Academy for manager development has taken our management practices to the next level. Busy managers love the self-directed learning and the opportunity to collaborate and learn with their peers across the country.”

Managers are the key to retention, engagement, and creating change. Empower your managers to learn with Manager Academy.

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Are your managers having conversations that matter?

Let us help you turn your managers into coaches.

Download Conversations that Matter, our guide to the five essential conversations for every manager to master. This toolkit includes more than 50 insightful questions for managers to ask in one-on-ones and is a free resource for you to provide to all the managers in your organization.