Grow your organization by developing your managers. Manager Academy is an agile learning solution that is untethered, on-demand, collaborative and empowered. Our unique blend of targeted online content, immersive experiences, social learning and 1-1 coaching enables your workforce to flourish. Learn more about Manager Academy.


In today’s world, collaboration is essential to meet the complex challenges businesses face. Break though the structural barriers and start working together fluidly in teams across boundaries. Discover the tools that enable an efficient flow of information and spark human connection in our increasingly virtual environment.


Leaders must anticipate and colonize the future by embracing digital strategies and creating organizations that will not only survive but thrive in the new world of work. We blend strategy with hands-on-support for transforming organizations and helping individuals adopt new ways of working.

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Manager Academy

On-demand learning for today's workforce

  • Manager Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Digital Leadership
  • Sales Training

Learn more about Manager Academy.

Team Workshops & Coaching

Take your teams to the next level

  • High Performing Team Workshops
  • Modern Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
  • Lego Serious Play  

Leading Change and Transformation

  • Making Change Real
  • Leading into the Future with Strategic Doing
  • Digital Leadership
  • Creating Agile Teams

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What our clients say

I am always amazed at the way the team at Thrive can take a situation that I am wrestling with, and like solving a Rubik's cube, untangle the problem in a simple straight forward way that makes the resolution obvious.
You don’t just hire the team at Thrive once to do a job for you, you hire them to ensure you meet your goals! They bring a lens to your business problem that will helps you focus on the things that matter and the things that will move you and your organization, forward.
Maureen and the team at Thrive provide excellent organizational counsel and creative business solutions to complex issues. They will quickly hone in on your issue through insightful questions and provide a broad array of flexible services to either help you reach your own solution or build it for you.

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