To truly unleash your team's potential for transformation and better results,


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We help forward-thinking leaders prepare for the future of work and build organizations that thrive.

Our Programs & Services

Manager Academy

The on-demand, agile learning solution that meets 21st-century managers where they’re at with practical actions to create positive change within their teams and organizations. Our unique blend of targeted online content, immersive experiences, and social learning turns your managers into coaches.

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High-Impact Team Workshops & Coaching

Our hands-on workshops help teams break through structural barriers to become more agile and efficient. Your team will discover tools that enable knowledge sharing and collaboration and that spark human connection.

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Assessments & Insights

Using a broad array of research-based tools and frameworks, we assess your market, leadership team, processes, culture, and employees, and we convert our findings into valuable insights to ensure your plan of action is on the right track.

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Change Leadership & Transformation

Change only happens when leadership can embrace a shift mindset. Leveraging our personal experience leading transformational change, we coach leaders and their teams through the key personal and organizational shifts required for their future success.

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What Our Clients Say:

John Rice

CHRO, Carpenter

"You don’t just hire the team at Thrive once to do a job for you, you hire them to ensure you meet your goals! They bring a lens to your business problem that will helps you focus on the things that matter and the things that will move you and your organization, forward."


Tim Collins

CEO, Digivac

"I am always amazed at the way the team at Thrive can take a situation that I am wrestling with, and like solving a Rubik’s cube, untangle the problem in a simple straight forward way that makes the resolution obvious."


Wendy Branche


"Maureen and the team at Thrive provide excellent organizational counsel and creative business solutions to complex issues. They will quickly hone in on your issue through insightful questions and provide a broad array of flexible services to either help you reach your own solution or build it for you."

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