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Can you relate to any of these areas?

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Before landing here, you might have tried….

  • Leaving teams to their own devices

    to “figure it out,” only to find they never get off the ground

  • Skipping the "soft stuff"..

    and going straight to the work at hand, without regard to creating a cohesive team needed to challenge each other productively and build the trust required to get the best contribution from all team members

  • Designing and facilitating your own team retreats

    ending up with flat, one-way conversations and an agenda of tactical to-do’s that fail to engage and mobilize the team.  

  • Using dated, overly simple team-building activities

    that are fun games but don’t trigger insights or creativity needed for alignment and innovation.

To truly unleash your team’s potential for transformation and better results…
You need a better path forward.
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We can help you build the Big IMPACT, high-performance team you need to get results!

Here are just a few of the many clients we’ve worked with...

Educate LLC.

Tech Company

With Educate, we introduced essential structural changes, established core processes, and provided leadership development. This initiative enabled Educate to overcome their growth plateau and resolve profitability issues, setting a strong foundation for the future. With their Big Impact Team now firmly established, the possibilities for success are limitless.



Manufacturing Company

With Ames, we successfully transitioned leaders from an outdated, directive management style to a more effective approach characterized by leadership and coaching. This new approach is rooted in recognizing employees' strengths and utilizing high-impact questions for enhancing performance and fostering results-based coaching.


ITT Inc.

Industrial Manufacturing

With ITT, we developed a "Conversations That Matter" guide. This guide serves as a process manual for managers and offers support for the transition to conducting multiple conversations throughout the year.




You need a team that gets results, works together, aligns with your organization’s vision, and is flexible enough to withstand the fast pace of change common in today’s world. (2)

2-2Interdependence: Your Synergy System. Build synergy organization-wide, and get your whole team working together towards a shared purpose. 

3-2Modern Collaboration: Your Agility System. Finally, break free from poorly run meetings and the endless stream of emails. Instead, learn effective communication strategies that work today.

4Psychological Safety: Your Trust System. For the best teams to flourish, they need an environment that enables them to do their best work. We teach you how to build a culture that harnesses diverse voices and creates space for everyone’s best ideas to be heard.

5Alignment: Your Direction System. Convene your whole team around shared purpose and possibility. With everyone moving in the same direction, your organization can grow quicker and more sustainably. 

6Co-accountability: Your Commitment System. Clarify everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Then craft a culture of accountability where everyone is held to high expectations. Course corrections are done with care, not admonishment. Everyone has one another’s backs.

 T7ransformation: Your Results System. When teams level up together, they create true, lasting organizational change. Once you’ve leveled up your whole team, use that momentum to pursue new opportunities, celebrate the wins, and continue evolving to achieve your desired results.

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“Maureen isn't someone you hire to do a job for you, she's someone you hire to ensure you met your goals! She brings a lens to your business problem that really helps you focus on the things that matter and the things that will move you, and your organization, forward."


John Rice, CHRO

"I am always amazed at how she can take a situation I am wrestling with and, like solving a Rubik's cube, untangle the problem in a simple, straightforward way that makes the resolution obvious. She draws on her deep experience in organizational design, efficiency, and collaboration."


Tim Collins, CEO

"Maureen provides excellent organizational insights and creative solutions to complex team issues.  She will quickly hone in on your issue through insightful questions and is an excellent catalyst for convening cross teams across boundaries and aligning them for success."


Wendy Branche, Global HR & Talent Executive

Meet the Founder Maureen Ennis


Maureen is a change catalyst, dynamic facilitator, and executive coach.  She has a unique blend of expertise in leading virtual teams, strategy, and future workforce trends. Maureen helps CEOs and executives close the gap between strategy and results using her proven Big Impact Team methodology and has delivered millions of dollars in value to her clients. She is known for bringing a fresh perspective and has a keen eye for the future of work.  

Maureen has worked with teams around the world, including India, Europe, and Mexico. These days you will find her traveling to new places or enjoying life on the Jersey Shore.

Our Clients

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It's time to stop doing things the way you always have.

And build an agile team to get the results you need today and fuel your future.