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covid workforce impact study

Identify the Impact COVID is Having on Team Performance

With the onset of COVID-19 came the dramatic pivot to work from home for many organizations. Post-COVID data shows many organizations are beginning to realize:


felt the lack of

Separation between work & home



Collaborating as a team



Interacting with Colleagues

*|atworkfrom TELUS International, August 2020

The SMART Workplace has led in identifying virtual work trends that put team engagement and operations at risk, seeking to isolate and address the increased impact of the pandemic.


What: The COVID Workforce Impact Study (CWIP)

We are seeking sponsorships to conduct new research on the impact the COVID pandemic and work-from-home team practices have had on individual contributors and leaders. The CWIP will isolate essential virtual leadership behaviors, provide training interventions to develop and confirm sustained behavior changes using evidence-based metrics and participant input.

The research report will include a blueprint for organizations to develop and reinforce cultures that supports the workforce - regardless of where they work.

Why: Our Mission is to Fast-Track High-Performance Virtual Teams

Organizations need to be proactive in addressing the impact the pandemic is having on their workforce, which is why we have prepared the CWIP Study sponsorship opportunity. The study identifies and addresses individual contributor and leader concerns, provides training and intervention support that build the competencies needed to succeed when the network is the workplace.

Audience: Organizations, Divisions, or Units Working Primarily from Home

Research participation is appropriate for any organization that currently has virtual and mobile employees or is expanding their mobile and virtual workforce.


The 6-month process will include:



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The Virtual Workplace Excellence Initiative is offered through a partnership of Thrive Digital Era and The Smart Workplace. Leaders in transforming organizations and evangelist of the virtual workplace. These organizations are not new to the power and challenges of working virtually. Both have been in the forefront for over a decade, championing and building, high impact, connected virtual teams.


The Smart Workplace are thought leaders who research, coach, facilitate, and consult with clients purposefully leveraging the 21st century digital workplace that makes available a global, distributed workforce. We work across the organization to introduce cultural and operational changes needed to become a high-performance, flexible, mobile workplace

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